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    On this page, we provide you Mesothelioma information resources.


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    Listed below are links to other cancer resources on the Internet that
    have information about mesothelioma.

    American Cancer Society

    National Cancer Institute

    University of Pennsylvania’s Oncolink

    Mayo Clinic

    Intelihealth –

    American Institute for Cancer Research – 

    American Thoracic Society –

    Canadian Cancer Society –

    ChemoCare – 

    Mesothelioma glossary

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    Mesothelioma in the News


    MESOTHELIOMA – cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

    You are surely aware that Plymouth is a hotspot for malignant Mesothelioma (cancer caused by exposure to asbestos). Unfortunately despite this fact I can find no events planned for the city to raise awareness for the ActionMesothelioma Day on 27th February 2007. Other cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool are holding events and the BBC are screen a specially produced video about Mesothelioma on giant screens in the city centers. Other cities are also holding events for the AMD. (See-

    There is also going to be a parliamentary reception on the day and I would like to encourage as many people as possible to write to their MP and ask him to attend this event.

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    Cancer Treatment – Research – Cancer Prevention – Alternative Treatments
    A.P. John Cancer Institute, specializing in alternative cancer treatments and research including colon, prostate, liver and lung cancer treatments and more.

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