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    What are my legal rights if I suspect I have contracted Mesothelioma from my workplace environment?

    California mesothelioma asbestos attorneys in general, and Los Angeles mesothelioma asbestos attorneys in particular, can help in determining your legal rights if you are owed compensation due to exposure to asbestos, resulting in mesothelioma, while on the job. We are your mesothelioma asbestos settlement attorneys, if you suffer from this malady due to exposure to asbestos in the work place.  We are one of few mesothelioma attorneys in California who regularly win their clients fair and just compensation due to the all-too-often overlooked presence of asbestos in the work place. Nadrich and Cohen, your leading Los Angeles and California mesothelioma asbestos attorneys, will exhaust all the necessary legal resources, research all the facts, lend advice, and support you as a patient and victim in order to be ready for litigation and trial, should your case not be able to be settled out of court.

    Failure to diagnose the disease by incompetent doctors can be another avenue by which to gain fair settlement. Overlooked symptoms can include:

    • larynx and kidney abnormalities

    • weight loss

    • pain and swelling

    • peritoneal or abdominal irregularities

    • blood clotting

    Mesothelioma causes malignant, pleural tumor tissue to form in the lung. It is a form of lung cancer, and spreading of the cancerous tissue is a real risk, so early diagnosis by a competent doctor who has all the relevant information regarding your case is critical – not only to your survival, but to a speedy claim of fair compensation for you! Treatment of mesothelioma in its early stage may include: surgery, consisting of a pleural pneumonectomy to excise the sarcomatoid lung tissue, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

    We, your Los Angeles mesothelioma and asbestos claims attorneys, proudly serve the following California communities/regions:

    • San Bernadino

    • San Francisco

    • San Diego

    • Sacramento

    • Riverside

    • Palm Springs

    • Oakland

    • Los Angeles

    • Long Beach

    • Inland Empire

    • Costa Mesa

    • Bakersfield

    • Antelope Valley

    Los Angeles and  California mesothelioma and asbestos attorneys Nadrich and Cohen are the law firm that can win you a fair settlement due to asbestos exposure while on the job. California asbestos and mesothelioma attorneys who specialize in gaining fair compensation due to workplace exposure, and for failure to diagnose the illness by doctors is who we are!